The Development Architect (or Developer’s Representative, as he’s known) said to our only neighbours as they left the Parish Council Planning Meeting, where the Site proposal was rejected. That was in May 2015. The question always has been HOW WAS HE SO SURE?

Did he have prior knowledge that the Parish Council intended to abandon us (in fact the whole north side of Newfound) in order to get their Local Plan passed? Did that leave the way open for BDBC to ensure its safe passage, no matter what untruths were likely to be overlooked? Why do people look at me as if I’m stupid when I ask these questions and say to me things like “Are you really THAT niaive?”

What process was going on and why were some Councillors – the presumed Custodians of our Environment, protected birds and bats, sustainable trees, even the Safety of those Humans in their Borough – so determined to dismiss any objections and devastate this rural area?

Nick Fowler (unfortunate name) later that year, created a revised plan – his determination to “get it through” knew no bounds. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so vicious. In answer to our objection regarding personal safety with 4 additional cars rounding a blind corner to our drive, he actually INVENTED a second driveway to our house half way through our garden! It is still shown on the plan even though it is completely mythical. How is that acceptable in any way? It is perfectly obvious, even to those of little brain, that the post and rail fence along this area is the same age (at least 30 years)as the rest of the fence which contains our complete garden.

We also objected on the basis of access for Emergency vehicles and Refuse lorries. We were given the sweep analysis, submitted by Nick Fowler, showing turning dimensions. So why is it now acceptable that the Refuse lorries have to reverse out of the access road (which, by the way, “should be kept clear of all vehicles at all times” according to the Terms and Conditions of the Planning Approval – which it isn’t) onto the very road, we and other locals have major concerns about, which is classified as an Accident Black Spot because of previous deaths!

And as you know from our previous blog, he was the person who openly stated that he had “Highways Approval” for the footpath on this dangerous B3400, when he didn’t; which allowed this plan to be approved in error.
Diane Taylor, at the full Board Meeting, admitted they had made a previous mistake, but didn’t see any here!

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