Donald Sherlock, Chairman of the full Planning Committee Board, announced. And I niaively thought we lived in a Democracy, where we value everyone’s contribution.

I put forward our case in plain facts – there were many of them – but we majored on the provision of the path BEFORE Planning Approval could be passed because we had assurances from Highways that NO application had been made.

We included such detail as an existing path being privately owned: the codicil on the land to the front of that path, which states “nothing can be erected, constructed or grown” on this land: and the fact that on the opposite side of the road all the land to the front of the houses is owned by the Householders and they would not permit a path to be erected under their windows.

The critical information was then unleashed – that of the fact that neither the Builder, nor his “Representative” had applied to Highways for a path to be constructed, let alone submitted any plans for such. What followed is an absolute travesty. And 8 months later continues to be and is the basis of our determination to bring the Culprits to Justice.

I will point out now, that every quoted remark written in these blogs,from the very first, about the Planning process comes from their own You Tube video of the proceedings.

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