Said Councillor Taylor. “You said there was no possibility of any extra footway along the B3400 but there is a Condition that suggests there’s a Design for one of these that has been agreed with HCC”. All I could do was to say Yes, I am sure and re-iterate that part of my Statement, confirming that there were ownership rights and Covenants on the land, plus the fact that HCC had NOT agreed a design for the footpath.

Councillor Potter (God bless him) then said “I wonder if I could just be absolutely sure over this issue of the footpath, in our papers, Oakley & Deane Parish Council is quoted about the integrity of providing the footpath which everyone agrees is important. Mr Fowler [(yes, him again)] has said that there is a S278 Highway provision Agreement” “if there is any contradiction can we be told, simply I just want to know please”

Then (and this is the really worrying part) Councillor Sherlock then pointed to an unnamed person around the table (everyone else who spoke had been clearly identified) indicating it was his turn to speak. He was very uncomfortable, crouching, round-shouldered over the table and said “my understanding is that the footpath can be constructed”. YOU will note that he didn’t say ‘belief’ or ‘certainty’ or ‘Yes, we have a design here’ or ‘I can categorically confirm…’. At least he didn’t perjure himself as Fowler did later.

The problem is that these self important people think the rest of us are fools and with a few choice phrases by unidentifiable people they can blind us into submission.

So, back to Councillor Taylor who decided this point was ended and announced to one and all “It’s not ideal, the B3400 is quite a dangerous road, but at least there will be extra pavement”.
And who was up next to make a Statement- yes, well done – Nick Fowler appears in the next blog.

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