So we come to the point where the “Architect” (questionable) perjures himself. He is next up to speak. He mumbles “A footway will be provided along the B3400 to improve pedestrian access between the site and Oakley. The details of this will be secured by way of a S278 Agreement. We do not see any issues with this.”

Well Mr MIKE Fowler, we and Highways and some members of the Parish Council do – because you had NO right to utter those words knowing that you hadn’t even applied to Highways, let alone provided a scheme to them. We had written proof from Highways, we told the Meeting that there were NO plans, nor any applications from Architects/Builders/previous owners of the Site for such a footway. (No supporting documentation or handouts are allowed!) AND it was a condition of agreeing the Planning proposal that this should be in place.

And guess what….not one person on that Planning Committee asked any questions of Mike Fowler, as they had done me, nor did they ask him for any details regarding the path, or to whom the application was made. We discovered later, from a Planning Solicitor, that there should have been a  representative from Highways at the Meeting to verify such statements, but of course there wasn’t. And then they gave Planning Permission.

I repeat at this stage: Councillor Di Taylor said “it’s not ideal, the B3400 is quite a dangerous road, but at least there will be extra pavement” and went onto say “But to be honest, if we are going to worry about this what are we going to do about the 3000 houses appearing just down the road?”

Well hopefully Madam, you will take more care to ensure that ALL planning conditions and safety measures are put in place BEFORE the building starts – just as the very terms of your conditions are stated! And you won’t allow builders to ride roughshod over all your Conditions as they have here. And finally, that you have to accept any injuries or deaths are entirely YOUR responsibility.


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