Unfortunately for the Builders, I’ve been on Building Sites since I was 5 years old! I can honestly tell you, I have never seen a building site like this one. The Site is run by a Plumbing Company – great start! The Owners of the Site (2 local men) have never built more than one house at a time. They are attempting to build 7 new build houses and convert Listed Barns into 7 more apartments. They laid concrete footings in -5degs, the water rose to the top as it always does and then froze….I’m sure even you, our faithful readers will know what happened to the concrete! They started with one plan- build the 2 smallest houses, then changed to another – build behind the listed barn, and another- knock down the connecting section of the 2 barns, and then didn’t seem to know what to try next. The really sad thing about this is they are destroying the countryside for ill-gotten gains, but no-one in their right mind is ever going to buy any of these properties, with a questionable build, miniscule gardens and remote parking, for the sort of sums this “Developer” needs, to be able to afford the astronomical costs of a refurbishment of a listed building. So what will happen? Knowing our local Planning people he’ll get permission to knock down the Grade II listed Barn



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